Killer Serials: Stranger Things

September 20, 2016

Tony Jones and Ryan Parker welcome John Bucher to the podcast to talk all things STRANGER THINGS. They look back on the entire first season, talk about where the second season might go, themes of sacrifice (self and otherwise), and whether or not Eleven is a Messiah figure and the boys are her disciples.


Killer Serials: Last Chance U

September 8, 2016

Tony Jones and Ryan Parker discuss the hit Netflix documentary series, LAST CHANCE U, and look at the power of football in America and higher education, different ways of teaching and learning, and the cast of characters that enrich the series.


Killer Serials: Preacher, FINISH THE SONG and CALL AND RESPONSE

August 1, 2016

Tony Jones and Ryan Parker discuss the final two episodes of The Preacher on AMC. They talk about conversations with God, cowboys in hell, and the role of materialist theology. Enjoy!


Killer Serials: Preacher, EL VALERO

July 20, 2016

This week, Tony Jones and Ryan Parker discuss the latest episode of PREACHER on AMC TV, Odin's spiritual & theological crises, the last stand at the Alamo, and Jesse's willingness to sacrifice his power for Eugene.


Killer Serials: Preacher, HE GONE

July 13, 2016

Tony Jones and Ryan Parker discuss this week's episode of PREACHER on AMC, the role of Cassidy as moral conscience, the brilliance of Ruth Negga (be sure to check out the trailer for LOVING--, and what the hell Quincannon's up to.



July 7, 2016

After a brief hiatus due to travels, tragedies, and holidays, Tony Jones and Ryan Parker are back to discuss the last three episodes of PREACHER. In this episode, they discuss the nature of Genesis and its effect on Jesse, the loss of humility as a preacher's downfall, and Eugene's insight into guilt, forgiveness, and penance.


Killer Serials: Preacher, THE POSSIBILITIES

June 16, 2016

Craig Detweiler (professor of communications at Pepperdine University) joins Ryan Parker to talk about the latest episode of Preacher on AMC. They talk about divine complexities, reading John Muir in a slaughterhouse, and how the series captures the best of Bonnie and Clyde and No Country for Old Men.


Killer Serials: Preacher, SEE

June 7, 2016

Tony Jones and Ryan Parker continue their discussion of Preacher on AMC, which is shaping up to be every bit the character-driven drama as it is supernatural, thriller, Western. They get nit-picky about the presentation of religion, but love the struggle at the heart of Jesse's character. And how about that chainsaw scene?!


Killer Serials: Preacher, Pilot

May 31, 2016

Tony Jones and Ryan Parker kick off their discussion of a new Killer Serial, AMC's Preacher, an adaptation of the cult classic comic series by Garth Ennis. In this episode, they talk about different narrative trajectories, the establishment of the three main characters, violence, and the prophetic nature of the comic books regarding the status of religion in America.


Killer Serials: The Path, Episode 10

May 25, 2016

Tony Jones and Ryan Parker discuss the season one finale of The Path on Hulu. This week's episode includes an interview with series creator Jessica Goldberg. We talk about developing characters, crafting a religion, and what the series is really all about.